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We are the rubies by Riikari
A Rose Garden by p-l-u-m-b-u-m
Rose Quartz by hientruong95
Double sided by Daycolors
[10] Steven Universe (Pixel art) by Cacazinha77
Steven Universe Temple by TheSarcasticPanda
Stevens by ExOh9
Chibi Steven Universe by hatsukibambi
Pearl headshot by kioler
Steven universe shitposting by Sila--Chan
[7] Pearl - Steven Universe (Pixel Art) by Cacazinha77
Ballerinas by ExOh9
SU: Peridot Sculpture [Commission] by Arnne
Lapis And Peridot by ZaneNidroin
her a punk by Sageleaf97
Peridoritos - Steven Universe by UltimateCharizard006
Peridot -Steven Universe by ZaneNidroin
Amethyst by Kolonena
Amethyst! by crumpledcinnabar
Defective by ClaraSaliz
Balance by CinBluesky
Steven Universe Ruby and Sapphire Postcard by lpspalmer
Steven Universe Garnet postcard by lpspalmer
Steven Universe - Garnet by LarizaTailor
Little Lion by BowtieMySoul
Steven Universe : Lion by Decadia
Lion In The Wind by BowtieMySoul
Floof by BowtieMySoul
Lapis Lazuli
lapisss  by punprodigy
Lapis Lazuli by harutosuzumiya21
Napizzz Napzzzuli by Amphibizzy
Lapis Lazuli (color) by A-Cute-Nightmare
Short Hair by ExOh9
mood by fatty-sloth
Rose Quarz
rose quartz yo by punprodigy
Rose by ChanceyB
A Rose Garden by p-l-u-m-b-u-m
Rose Quartz by hientruong95
Im just a comet by ThatWeirdPigeonLady
connie n no steven because i cannot draw him  by punprodigy
Crystal Gems
Crystal Gems by harutosuzumiya21
Gem Fusions
Sardonyx Fanart by harutosuzumiya21
Diamonds and Pearls
[1] Blue Pearl - Steven Universe (Pixel Art) by Cacazinha77
Pairings, family and deep friendship
[SU] Contrast by sketchy-milk
Love like you Page 2 [Link in the description] by ClaraSaliz
You lied to me! - Steven Universe by UltimateCharizard006
Gem OCs
SU  pearl adopt CLOSED by SmilesUpsideDown
Beach City Peeps
Donut hole by Asta--Pasta
Jasper Icon by SkippyArt
Homeworld Rubies
We are the rubies by Riikari
Inktober #11 - Bismuth by JurijScar
''What is your name?'' by LittleSnaketail
Homeworld Gems
Carnelian Skinny by A-Cute-Nightmare


Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Does Jasper deserve her own redemption arc?

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

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HQStevenUniverseArt Guidelines

Cookie Cat Icon by Kiss-the-IconistAnyone who loves Steven Universe, GIF Steven Universe - So Cute! by ChrisRainicorn
please join! GIF Steven Universe - Wink by ChrisRainicorn


You can join even if you don't draw/animate/write (about) Steven Universe, as long as you love it. GIF Steven Universe - Blushing by ChrisRainicorn

This is meant to be a group for collecting advanced pieces of art. GIF Steven Universe - Feels! by ChrisRainicorn

so please don’t get your feelings hurt if your submission is declined GIF Steven Universe - Facetable by ChrisRainicorn Sad Jasper Icon by ThisIsRobin Sad Malachite Icon by SkippyArt

just because your art doesn’t get accepted doesn’t mean you aren’t a good artist GIF Steven Universe - What?!! by ChrisRainicorn

You can submit one deviation (for each folder) per day. So choose wisely. Sneeze by perinerd

Please do not submit to the Featured Folder.

Respect all the other members.

Submit art to the correct folder Nyehehe by SkippyArt

Pearl sprite - Tears of joy by Bloody-Uragiri All ships are allowed but please note, this is a fan group for all ages, that means mature content will not be accepted. Keep it cute and cuddly Steven hug Icon by SkippyArt

And most importantly,
have fun! SU: Pearl Amethyst boop icon 2 by Le-PineMarten Garnet Grin Icon by Cookays Peridot Icon 15 by KIKIandZOEJAY Happy Jasper Icon by SkippyArt

Thanks GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend! by ChrisRainicorn

Steven Universe Pixels - Lion by Hollulu

Lion, fly us to the moon Stamp by SkippyArt N'aww by SkippyArt Cool... by SkippyArt Pretty great by SkippyArt Like a fish by SkippyArt Stronger than you by SkippyArt Lapis' and Jasper's fusion dance by SkippyArt Round and round we go by SkippyArt Love and peace on the planet earth by SkippyArt Sis fist stamp by SkippyArt Finally free by SkippyArt

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3


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any place to put a group of homeworld gems? (or a group in general thats not/not just crystal gems?) it might be missing
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